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863 (Thurston) Squadron Air Cadets: Practising for the Wing Field Event: Bus Pull

As the August Wing Field Event draws near, the excitement and dedication of the 863 (Thurston) Squadron Air Cadets are palpable. One of the most exhilarating events the cadets are gearing up for is the "Bus Pull". This unique challenge requires teamwork, strength, and sheer determination as the cadets work together to move a mini bus over a set distance.

Recently, both Flight A and Flight B took to the practice field, putting their skills and team spirit to the test. The Bus Pull event not only demands physical prowess but also strategic coordination among the team members. Each cadet has an essential role, from maintaining a firm grip on the rope to synchronising their efforts to ensure the bus moves steadily.

The practice sessions have been intense but incredibly rewarding. Both flights performed exceptionally well, demonstrating the results of their rigorous training and unwavering team spirit. The air was filled with cheers and encouragement, as each pull brought the cadets closer together, fostering a sense of unity and collective achievement.

The joy and satisfaction experienced by the cadets were evident in their smiles and laughter. This activity has not only prepared them for the upcoming competition but also strengthened the bonds within the squadron. The cadets' enthusiasm and hard work are sure to pay off in August, when they will undoubtedly make the 863 (Thurston) Squadron proud.

A special thank you to Civ Comm for the purchase of the tug rope and to CI Scarbro for his guidance. Your support and leadership have been invaluable to our preparations and success.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue our preparations for the Wing Field Event. The spirit of the 863 (Thurston) Squadron Air Cadets shines bright, and we are eager to showcase our skills and teamwork on the field!

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