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Day 2 - Adventure Training North Norfolk

Welcome back to the 863 (Thurston) Squadron Blog! Day 2 of our Adventure Training was packed with skill-building activities and exciting challenges that kept our cadets on their toes.

Route Card Practice: Our cadets began the day by honing their navigation skills with route card practice. Each team meticulously plotted their routes, ensuring they could accurately follow the planned path and reach their destinations efficiently.


Timed Bag Search: In a test of speed and organisation, cadets participated in a timed challenge to search for a specific item in their bags. This activity emphasised the importance of being well-prepared and knowing the contents of their equipment, which is crucial for real-world expeditions.

First Aid Practice - Heat Stroke Scenario: The day concluded with first aid practice, focusing on a critical scenario: heat stroke. Cadets demonstrated recognising the symptoms and implementing the Primary Survey DRABC.

This hands-on experience reinforced the importance of swift action in treating heat-related emergencies.


The very tired cadets trudged back to their campsite, weary but accomplished after a full day of adventure training. Their exhaustion quickly turned to delight when they stumbled upon an unexpected new friend: a curious chicken wandering near their tents. The cadets quickly rallied around the feathered visitor, gently coaxing it closer, the friendly chicken providing a heartwarming end to their exhausting but rewarding day.

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