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Exploring Adventure and Opportunities: New Recruits Evening at Thurston 863 Air Cadets

Thurston 863 Air Cadets recently hosted an exciting and informative new recruits evening, providing a glimpse into the world of cadet life. This event was a fantastic opportunity for both prospective cadets and their parents to experience the dynamic activities and rich opportunities that await within the Air Cadets program.

1. Dodgeball:

The evening kicked off with a lively game of dodgeball. This high-energy activity not only brought out the competitive spirit in the recruits but also showcased the importance of teamwork and camaraderie, values that are integral to the Air Cadets experience. Dodgeball served as an excellent icebreaker, allowing recruits to bond and feel welcomed into the close-knit Air Cadets community.

2. Climbing Wall:

For those with a thirst for adventure and a love of heights, the climbing wall provided an exhilarating challenge. Scaling the climbing wall not only tested physical agility but also encouraged recruits to face their fears and build self-confidence. The climbing wall experience symbolized the sense of adventure that runs through the heart of the Air Cadets program, where pushing personal boundaries is celebrated and encouraged.

3. Practice First Drill:

Precision and discipline are key components of life in the Air Cadets, and the evening included a session of practice in first drill. Recruits learned the essential movements, commands, and formations that are a fundamental part of the cadet experience. This introduction to drill highlighted the commitment to excellence and the importance of attention to detail that cadets carry with them throughout their journey.

4. Parents' Opportunities:

The event didn't just focus on the recruits; it also offered valuable insights to parents. Parents were given the chance to learn about the program, its benefits, and the opportunities it provides for personal growth and skill development. Understanding the impact and benefits of the Air Cadets program helps parents support their children in making the most of this experience.


Thurston 863 Air Cadets' new recruits evening was a resounding success, providing a taste of what the Air Cadets program has to offer. The evening showcased the program's commitment to fostering teamwork, leadership, discipline, and adventure. Whether it was the spirited game of dodgeball, the exhilarating climb up the wall, or the introduction to drill, the event left recruits eager to embark on their Air Cadets journey.

The evening also emphasized the importance of parental involvement and support in nurturing the growth and development of young cadets. By opening a window into the world of Air Cadets, both recruits and parents left with a sense of excitement and anticipation for the incredible opportunities and experiences that lie ahead.

Thurston 863 Air Cadets is not just an organization; it's a community that encourages personal growth, builds lifelong friendships, and prepares young individuals to become responsible, confident, and capable leaders. This new recruits evening was a testament to the organization's commitment to shaping tomorrow's leaders through adventure and opportunity.

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