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Invest in the Community

At Thurston Air Cadets, our mission is to provide young individuals with opportunities for personal growth, leadership development, and a deeper understanding of aviation and aerospace. We are committed to shaping the future leaders of tomorrow.

How Your Donations Make a Difference:

Cadet Experiences: Your generous contributions help us expose our cadets to a wide range of places and environments. We believe that first hand experiences are invaluable in shaping character and broadening horizons.

With your support, we can send cadets to camps, educational trips, and leadership programs that enrich their lives.

Mini Bus Maintenance: Our trusty Mini bus is an essential part of our community involvement. We use it to attend events, assist in local projects, and connect with the community. Donations help us maintain and keep our Mini bus running smoothly, ensuring that we can continue to serve our community effectively.

Equipment for Expeditions: Camping expeditions and squadron projects are integral to the development of our cadets. Your contributions go towards acquiring the necessary equipment and resources for these experiences. From tents and outdoor gear to educational materials, your support enables us to provide a comprehensive learning environment.

By donating, you become a crucial part of our mission to inspire, educate, and empower the youth of Thurston. Your generosity helps us create lasting memories, teach valuable life skills, and prepare our cadets for a bright future.

How to Donate:

Your support is greatly appreciated! To make a donation, please click on the button below

Thank you for investing in the future of Thurston Air Cadets. Together, we can help these young individuals soar to new heights!


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